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The Curated Experience

Sep 27, 2019

  • Tell stories to be effective
  • 6:00 Why it is a tough gig
  • 7:29 Agents picks their own supervisors
  • 9:00 Recognize good agents
  • 9:37 What do you read
  • 11:00 Are you a traffic cop or a leader
  • 13:32 Tips for gaming the stats system
  • 19:28 The YMCA coaching method

Attached is a must read list

Sep 15, 2019

Show Notes:


  • I start the show talking about my biggest career regret
  • Bob shares his opportunity to be one of the first Fedex employees
  • Interviewing for a job is like dating - everyone lies on the first date. Find a way to find out who your future boss is, pick the wrong one and you are screwed.
  • At any stage in your...

Sep 5, 2019

  • Bob Furniss is a 40 Year veteran of the space
  • Customer Service Agent and Supervisor are the toughest jobs in the space
  • Human emotion has a formula that is changing in real time
  • As you improve Self Service the CS job gets harder 
  • Level 1 customer Service is going out of business
  • Best Practices/Benchmarking should be you...